Matching your needs relating to Steel Shots/Cast Steel Shots, Steel Grits/Cast Steel Grits, Steel Cut Wire Shots/Steel Cut Wire Pellets, Stainless Steel Shots/Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots, and more with a degree of perfection!

Manufacturing industries are in a constant need for perfection. They need the most precision-driven equipments, machines and components which provide them with a fantastic result. We, at All Abrasives Industries believe in this point, and hence strive to provide our customers with a range of goods which are are of matchless quality. Established in the year 2015, our firm is recognized as a highly reliable Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Importer, Trader and Supplier in nature. Designed to a level of perfection, our products are widely used in Shot Blasting, shot peening, Pipe coating, stone cutting, and other similar operations. From Steel Shots / Cast Steel Shots,Steel Grits / Cast Steel Grits, Steel Cut Wire Shots / Steel Cut Wire Pellets, Stainless Steel Shots / Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots, Cast Iron Shots / Chilled Iron Shots, Cast Iron Grits / Chilled Iron Grits, we have a wide gamut of products to choose from. Known for their exceptional durability, our goods ensure uniform cleaning and brighter surface, thus offering a remarkable finish to your product.

Ambit of Products

Aiding in removing even the most tiniest specs of dust and rust, makes such goods a top choice in the market. They are also appreciated in the Indian Market for their affordable prices. Our product range includes:

  • Steel Shots / Cast Steel Shots
  • Steel Grits / Cast Steel Grits
  • Steel Cut Wire Shots / Steel Cut Wire Pellets
  • Stainless Steel Shots / Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots
  • Cast Iron Shots / Chilled Iron Shots
  • Cast Iron Grits / Chilled Iron Grits


Every company conducts business in a different manner. Especially for manufacturing companies, the working procedure differs from company to company. This brings up the need for customized accessories, be it machine, components or even spares. Undertaking various customized needs, our company uses the finest array of alloys. so as to devise a product which is of fantastic quality. Our team guarantees you of receiving a commodity made strictly in compliance to your specifications, thus satisfying you in a fulfilling manner.

Packaging Facilities

Our firms holds this aspect of the business on a high platform. We believe that it is very important for a commodity to reach the client in their original state. In order to ensure that this takes place, our company has invested in a highly advanced packaging facility. Equipped with the most cutting edge technology, our machines wrap every commodity with the best of materials, so as to make sure that they reach up to their qualitative aspect during the whole delivery process.

"We are accepting local inquiries mostly from Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka"

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